Someday We'll All Be Together Again

“Someday, We’ll All Be Together Again”

Uncertainty, in isolation. Trapped, restless, and weary. Days blur into weeks and months, where memories of yesterday haunt our worries of today and of tomorrow. Be it by choice, or by obligation, our solitude has become a prison of frustration, and the desire to return to a sense of normalcy, increasingly grows with each day that passes. Alone and longing, we fall prey into our fears and doubts. A constant state of fluctuating anxiety, waiting for us to sink in stagnation. However, it is also in this stillness where we must learn to reconnect with one’s self. Backed into a corner by what is beyond us, acceptance of this reality in itself presents a glimmer of hope. With the understanding that there are things we cannot change on our own, we must make the most out of the present, changing what we can. And so as the days of solitude run its course, we carry on as we tell ourselves that someday this all will end, and that someday, we'll all be together again.

Artist's Notes:

With the gallery space mirroring the 2-storey apartment which serves as my studio, I find myself as the monster trapped in isolation. Partially mandated by the government, and partially a social responsibility to help flatten the curve, both are valid reasons for which I have chosen to self-quarantine. However, in the time spent in quarantine, one cannot help but to think, to feel, and to realize, the underlying fear of the current situation. Be it a fear of infection, the fear of being a carrier to loved ones, or ultimately the fear of death, what is clear is that the uncertainty of these times, leaves myself, among many others, in a constant state of fluctuating anxiety. “How much longer?” one tends to ask of the duration of the pandemic. With currently no visible end in sight without a vaccine, restlessness grows, slowly eating us away day by day. A restlessness, I’ve been trying my best to redirect towards creative pursuits.